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Cocktail Menu

From classics with a twist to our signature options, we offer true cocktail options for all.

Gin for All

Think you don't like Gin? We think you just need to find the right mix.

Tom Collins

Gin and lemon juice topped with club soda


Gin Rickey

A cousin to the Gin Fizz, this lime-juice gin based cocktail goes down smooth.


French Empress 75

Like champagne and being bougie? Enjoy this flavor delight of Empress gin, lemon juice and Prosecco.


Martini Classico

Gin and vermouth with a dash or orange bitters



An all-out gin classic that everyone should experience at least once in life



Gin and lime with a little sweet is all you need in this classic gin cocktail


The Bee's Knees

Botanist Gin, lime, honey, and is like a bouquet of flavor


The Rose

Elderflower rose gin with the light flavors of grapefruit and raspberry


Whiskey & Bourbon Invasion

Bourbon is having its moment in the spotlight, and we wanted to pay our dues.

Orange Twist Manhattan

Whiskey and Sweet Vermouth with orange bitters


Classic Old Fashioned

This is for all the Kentucky Old Fashioned lovers - no soda allowed.


Whiskey Sour

This is the ultimate classic of frothy whiskey tartness.




This Rye Whiskey classic is a great post-dinner sipper


Black Diamond

Blackberry bourbon and chambord surprise your tastebuds in this not-so-sweet drink


Toddy Turvy

Bourbon and limoncello in this rejuvenating cocktail take on the classic with honey and ginger beer


Tequila Made Me Do It

Head south of the border for our favorite Tequila concoctions.

Fresh Margarita

Tequila and fresh lime juice with beautiful agave.


Spiced Margarita

Like it hotter? Try our take on a spicy margarita with smoked jalapeno and tobasco infusions.


Blackberry Margarita

Smooth and sweet, this twist on the classic will have you ordering seconds.



She's a sour little lady with grapefruit and lime juices and blanco tequila.


Liqueurs, Cognacs, and Brandy, OH MY

Off the beaten spirits path, but a rowdy bunch all the same.

Midwest Old Fashioned

Muddled with Brandy and mixed with sweet, you're sure to be saying "you betcha" with the first sip.


Pearl's Sidecar

It's like a cognac kiss on the lips with a fresh lemon follow-up.



All About the Vodka

Staying in the clear.

Maggie's Mules

Vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer - the ultimate classic.
Choose from blackberry, peach, and strawberry purees to bring your mule some pizazz.





Ultimate Dirty Martini

Belvedere Vodka, dry vermouth and a bounty of olive brine.


Espresso Delight

Vodka and coffee flavors for that pick-me up


Dirty Chai Martini

A little chai to get you going tonight


In the Cosmos

Take it classic or as a blackberry elevation, this vodka and orange martini is the ultimate.





Beginner's Gimlet

For those not ready for Gin, we put Vodka in the gimlet for a sweet, fresh treat


Creamy Delights

Looking for something a little sweeter for dessert? We got you.


Minty and fresh with the richness of a milkshake.


Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple and cream with vanilla overtones bring back all the memories of this classic cake as a cocktail


Boozy RB Float

Trust us, this tastes like a root beer float on the Fourth of July


White Russian

Kahlua and cream...with vodka, of course
Black Russian available upon request


Breakfast Menu

Served Saturdays and Sundays ONLY (except our Bloody Marie and the classic Mimosa) from 11am-4pm

Bloody Marie

Our in-house bloody recipe, garnished with the kitchen sink (available all hours)


BacoCheesEgg Bloody

Bacon Jalapeno vodka with a deconstructed breakfast sandwich garnish


Bloody Well Flight

4oz pours of each
The Bloody Marie (house recipe)
The Fire Witch (screaming hot)
The Prohibition (gin)
The Sweettart (citrus honey)



Classic Mimosa with prosecco and orange juice


Bottomless Mimosas

Drink your citrus heart out. Unlimited Mimosas from 11am-4pm



Glasses for the table, small carafes of juice, and a chilled bottle of prosecco. Recommended to share with 4


Mimosa Flight

Four 4-oz drinks:
The Standard (prosecco + orange)
The Tropical (prosecco, agave, pineapple)
The Apple of my Eye (prosecco, apple cider)
The Siren (prosecco, chambord, vodka, blackberry puree)


Why's All the Rum Gone?

Breathing new life into rum

Clean Sneak

Spiced rum with apple undertones and sweet pineapple juice


Peachy Keen

Spiced rum and peach infused sensation with a bite for the sailor in you


Ruben's Mai Tai

Our signature drink (no tiki bar required), this fresh Mai Tai with smooth rum is sure to become your favorite


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